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Julyme Perfume Hair Essence 80ml 7 Scent/ Serum / Hair care / Recovery Damaged hair [Beauty Babe]
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Product SKU Julyme Perfume Hair Essence 80ml
Brand JulyMe
Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm
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  • Long-lasting (perfume) fragrance
  • Moisturizing and conditioning
  • Natural ingredients
  • Care for damaged hair
Fragrance Information

1. WOODY & MUSK : ( Motived by : DipDque - Dson )
Woody which makes you smell of the scent from deep forest and Musk which offers creamy and soft scent.
a scent of the freshness of sea breeze and the fluffy feeling as if walking on the cloud.

2. SUNSET FREESIA : ( Motived by : JoMlone - EngLsh Pr & Frsia )
Freesia scent delicately diffused by wind at sunset.
A delicate scent of freesia coming through sunset breeze .

3. ROSE & LILY Perfume Hair Essence 80ml ( Motived by : Mac JaCs - Oh Lla)
A floral scent, full of liveliness just like a basket full of flowers.

4. BLACKBERRY : ( Motived by : JoMlone - BlRberry & By )
The scent which reminds of liveliness like the girls whose lips are colored with blueberry and who romp in a small town in England.
A scent of lively girls with blackberry-stained lips romping around on the grass in the tiny village of England.

5. URBAN ROSE: ( Motived by : C*AN*L [ MAD*M*S**LE ] )
TOP: Clementine green
MIDDLE : Muguet, Freesia, Rose, Violet
BASE: Patchouli, Musk, Powdery, Vanilla

6. JAWS BALM: ( Motived by : V*CTOR*A* S*CR*T [ LOVE SP**L ] )
TOP: Tropiccal lemon, Grapefruit, Orange Strawberry
MIDDLE : Freesia
BASE: Musk

7. FULL BOOLM: ( Motived by : L*nVi* [ Ecl*t D* Arp*G* ] )
TOP: Apple, Green Orange, Lemon
MIDDLE : Muguet, Freesia, Violet
BASE: Amber, Woody, Musk

Why are the scents of Julyme so special?
Julyme has more abundant fragrance than perfumes through 55 fragrance tests, 21 perfuming tests and 5 usability tests.
????3 reasons why the scents of Julyme are special.
1. <87 years of techniques for fragrance creation>
We propose carefully selected fragrance through 52 years of know-how, 87 years of perfuming techniques and 55 times of fragrance tests from the nation's first fragrance creation company.
2. <81 times of tests for fragrance>
As many as 81 times of fragrance-related tests, not only for its creation, perfuming, but also for its usability, we realized the perfect perfume fragrance for customers' needs.
For functional materials, we used blended ingredients with the most similar scent as its fragrance in order to prevent the different scents from mixing out with each other.

Perfume hair essence, fill up your hair with fragrance.
Hydrating essence with 70% of natural ingredients that contains no oil, motived by perfumes.
Long-lasting (perfume) fragrance
Moisturizing and conditioning
Natural ingredients
Care for damaged hair
* It observes independent standards of International Organization for Standardization(ISO) for natural origined cosmetics.

[How To Use]
Freshness of lotion texture that doesn't remain on your hands. Reapply as many times as you want, whenever you need the fragrance. Once for your wet hair, many times for your dry hair! It doesn't easily get oily although you apply it over and over. Please apply it frequently whenever you need the fragrance.
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Julyme Perfume Hair Essence 80ml